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Are you a busy Mom?

  Would you like to save money on various everyday items and more

 Then you are in the right place! 

 Visit my Coupons and Savings page for links to Great Coupon Resources!

 Visit my Contact Local Groceries page for in-store, deals, savings, coupons, flyers and policies!

Visit my Contact the Manufacturer page to find another way to get product coupons, savings and free samples!

 Visit my Samples and Giveaways page for more information and links to some  free samples and giveaways!  

   Visit my Participation Rewards page for links to sites which offer member incentives, points and/or rewards. Also look for links to various sites which offer rewards for your participation as well as deals and coupons via email! 

Quick and Easy Ways To Get Coupons/Free Samples

This site offers simple basic tools to get you the savings you are looking for. 

Just follow the links!  (every picture is a link)

Many times you are looking at the same deal over and over again, some of which have also expired.  I find I spend a lot of time clicking on various things or waiting for them to "go live" only to find out there are none left.  Not getting many deals or samples in the process.  I find this frustrating and a waste of time.

In the amount of time it takes waiting for things to "go live" you could simply right a letter to a few manufactures. They are often quite gracious for their loyal customers.

When it comes to coupon and price-match policies, I will not explain in my own words, I will link you straight to the horses mouth. 

I will only offer you a very simple and quick way to get where you need to go.

(I have also linked to a couple of my favorite couponning sites that are quite popular and do offer individual deal postings if you are looking for those types of savings.)




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